​. Goals: What the project hopes to accomplish

. Goals: What the project hopes to accomplish.
2. Critical Success Factors: Identify at least 4 different stakeholders; for each, list at least 2 things
that the stakeholder requires in order to deem the project successful.
3. Acquisition strategy: Should the system be built in-house, created by a contractor, purchased off the-shelf
and customized, or leased as a service? Explain your rationale.
4. Resources: For in-house development, what people/skills are required and what development
lifecycle do you recommend? Otherwise, identify 3 candidate organizations that can deliver the
5. System functions: In a table format, summarize the types of users for the system; the business
reason(s) each would use the system; the ways that the system supports each of these needs;
and how this support differs from the current system.
6. Connectivity: Provide a diagram that shows how the system will connect to the other information
systems and what data flows among them.
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