different State Department of Corrections websites

Department of Corrections Paper

Go to two different State Department of Corrections websites (not a single prison but the whole state system – like Nebraska, Ohio, Florida, California, etc.)
 You CANNOT use the Arkansas Department of Corrections as one of your systems.  Review all of the information you can find on the size of the prison population, security classifications in the prison system, a breakdown of the system’s population, services and programs provided, number of facilities covered by the system, etc.  (as complete an overview of each system as you can develop.)  Write a five paragraph comprehensive overview of 
EACH of the prison systems you reviewed (
a total of 10 paragraphs) then discuss five points of contrast you found between the two state prison systems in an additional five paragraph discussion.

This assignment should be a 15 paragraph document with each paragraph clearly identified.  The titles of the two correctional systems you researched should be placed at the top of each review and your contrast section should be labeled Contrast.

Due by Monday, Setempber 04, 2017 @ 10:00am central standard time, United States. NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING AFTER 10am CT. If additional sources are used, PLEASE HAVE A CITIATION PAGE AND SITE ALL SOURCES WITH IN THE PAPER.
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