Differentiate between the role of an HIE and a RHIO.

In the health care field the acquisition of knowledge is important to improve patient care. The process of identifying, managing, and sharing this information is called knowledge management. For this assignment, read the Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective, Chapter 8 Case Study on pages 172-174, and create a strategy to leverage the knowledge base of the practice against the value of knowledge within the developing accountable care organization (ACO), Health Information Exchange (HIE), and Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). In your paper:

  • Differentiate between the role of an HIE and a RHIO.
  • What are the implications of collaborating with an HIE      and RHIO?
  • Create a policy on who can access knowledge generated      by the practice and how would it be used.
  • Assess each of the five quality domains specified by      the ACO mandate, and justify their inclusion or exclusion. What are the      implications of each on the structure of the clinical process and on the      information system that supports the process?
  • Compare and contrast the differences between explicit,      expressed, implicit, latent and tacit knowledge.  What is the      importance of each one?
  • Distinguish between the two organizations in your      response.
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