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 This assignment will teach you to be concise in your visual  delivery and to coordinate your visuals with a written narration. It  is a narrated, 5-slide persuasive Powerpoint/Prezi and needs to be  submitted as PPT, PDF, or as a Prezi-link. For all your slides be  mindful of design principles discussed in Chapter 13 of your  textbook-utilize images, minimize the use of text, stay consistent with  text, color, etc.  Narration: In the “Notes” section (if you are using Powerpoint) or in a  separate document, submit a SCRIPT of what exactly you would say when  presenting this Powerpoint. Keep your language conversational and  utilize rhetorical devices covered in your textbook.  This is not a  paper, but a script of what you are planning to say. You don’t need  in-text citations, but you will need oral citations (“according to”).  Don’t forget to transition to the next slide.  Please read instructions for more detailed information on what should be  included on each slide.

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