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Ch. 6 Sub-Saharan Africa
1-Did a legacy of colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa contribute to the region’s contemporary and persistent conflict?
2-What are the both the current and potential ramifications of Sub-Saharan Africa’s high NIR?
Ch. 7 Southwest Asia and North Africa
1-In terms of its physical environment, why is Southwest Asia and North Africa referred to as a “fragile world”?
2-Why is it appropriate to describe Southwest Asia and North Africa’s economic development in terms of a “land of wealth and poverty”?
Ch. 8 Europe
1-Is it appropriate to refer to Europe as a region of problematic migration?  If so or not, explain.
2-With respect to cultural coherence and diversity, why is Europe a “mosaic” of differences?
Ch. 9 The Russian Domain
1-What are the principle environmental issues in the Russian Domain?
2-How has the demise of the Soviet Union contributed to both cultural and political instability across the Russian Domain?
Ch. 10 Central Asia
1-Why is Central Asia a region of “abundant resources and Struggling economies”?
2-Is the vast size of Central Asia a key to its future agricultural potential?  Why or why not?
Ch. 11 East Asia
1-Do you consider East Asia to be a core region of the global economy?
2-Is East Asia experiencing a population dilemma?

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