Marketing homework help

1) Conduct a brainstorming session for New Product Development to New International Market.
2) Decide on either:
a) A product from your home country
b) One you have seen in another country product/ service and create a logo
3) Make a distinctive modification/adjustment to the product to meet the new market
4) Decide on the new product/services target market and explain how and why you chose this market.
5) Describe the product and its benefits/features to the new market
6) Decide on the position of the product in the market and show the 4 ps of the product /service
7) Create a 30-60 second commercial (advertisement) for the product
The report must be 4-6 pages, using 1.5 spacing, 11 pt calibri font
It must include the title of the product/service, a logo of the product/service

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