Develop a 18-20 slide mock PowerPoint Presentation

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Directions: Develop a 18-20 slide mock PowerPoint Presentation.
Things to consider:
Make sure that you review the handouts I have provided you about developing the PowerPoint presentations.
Remember to use
1) an appropriate font style and size;
2) use bullets not complete sentences, unless you are incorporating a direct short quote;
3) select a PowerPoint template that is appealing and legible;
4) incorporate imagesthat are appropriate and from legitimate sites/sources;
5) remember to document your sources for quotes, etc. in the body of the PowerPoint;
6) list your citations using MLA formatting rules on the Works Cited page; and lastly,
7) be creative and develop your own style,
8) each group member must upload the same version of the PowerPoint Quiz.
Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following slides:
1- Title Page slide
2- Introductory slides
3- Main point slides
3- Supporting slides
3- Transitional slides
5- Slides with images and text
1- Any Questions slide
1 or 2- Works Cited slides (with at least 5 citations- MLA, text, lecture, web, images)