develop a detailed promotion plan.

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For this assessment item, students are required to select an event in Australia for which they will develop a detailed promotion plan. Your task is to develop a plan to promote the event better than it has been in previous years. In developing the promotion plan, students must do the following:

• Provide background information on the event, including the overall business objective for the event (e.g., generate profit; promote a region, raise funds for a specific charity)
• Conduct an internal analysis of the event (strengths and weaknesses) as well as an assessment of the external environment in which the event exists (opportunities and threats)
• Identify three specific target markets (i.e., primary, secondary, tertiary) to be accessed through the promotion plan
• Determine three SMART objectives to be achieved through the successful execution of the promotion plan
• Detail specific promotion strategies to be implemented to achieve each SMART objective
• Develop an action plan including a timeline for the implementation of the promotion strategies
• Provide a budget accounting for the costs associated with the promotion strategies outlined
• Describe a plan for evaluating whether and how the SMART objectives were achieved