Develop risk register

Risks Management and Business Analytics Assignment Help-OPM 480 Risks Management and Business Analytics
Purpose: This exercise is designed to give the students hands-on practice in managing the full lifecycle
of risk management for a set of pre-selected project. The assignments cover key risk management
aspects and associated tools.
Output: a full reports describing each of the assignments listed in the below table.


1 Select a project & develop its project charter
2 Develop risk management plan
3 Identify and list key project risks using risk-cause-effect matrix
4 Develop risk rating matrix
5 Develop risk register
6 Perform qualitative analysis of identified risks in terms of their probabilities & impacts
7 Preform quantitative analysis using EMV
8 Develop and populate risk assessment matrix
9 Develop preliminary strategies to manage each identified risks
10 List selected lessons learned

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