-Developing the scope and standards of nursing practice

1-A tedious process indeed! As I read about how the scope and standards was produced, it opened my eyes to how much hard work was put into it by all sorts of different workgroups collaborating together. All the research, reading, adding/deleting, revising, and reaching out to organizations that needed to be done sounds so overwhelming. The entire process could take up to 36 months per that article you posted. On top of that, many of these writers were purely volunteers! I am just amazed by all the dedication that was put into creating this highly invaluable resource for us nurses nationwide.

2-Developing the scope and standards of nursing practice can be a challenging task for the nurse organization,Leaders and experts conducting this assignment.However following the guidelines and process as stipulated by ANA will assure credibility,acceptance by ANA and adopted freely as an excellent standard.

3-It is quite a process – the length of time, the amount of people, research and knowledge – to develop our nursing care of standards, but it’s all for good reason and purpose.

I’m not sure if I would want to do this, but I wonder how you become a part of the whole process. I’m sure a lot of nursing experience is required, along with being on multiple committees.

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