Development and Inheritance

Development and Inheritance
1. What activity during oocyte activation prevents penetration by additional sperm?
2. Outline the events that take place between exposure of the oocyte to spermatozoa and formation of the first blastomere pair.
3. List and briefly characterize the three trimesters of gestation.
4. Describe the events of embryonic development from conception until the fetal stage, including development of the primary germ layers.
5. List and describe the three stages of labor.
1. What is the difference between dominate and recessive genes?
2. What is the difference between heterozygous and homozygous expression of genes?
3. Using Activity 2 found in your Laboratory Manual, create a Punnett square and complete the exercise associated with incomplete dominance.
4. View Figure 45.1 from your Laboratory Manual and identify the structures that are described by the following statements. Briefly discuss the concept of sex-linked inheritance in the threaded Discussion Area below. (Completion of Activity 3 in your Laboratory Manual should help with this.)
image1.pngFigure 45.1

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