Development of a nursing philosophy

Remembering the four concepts that guide the development of a nursing
philosophy, describe your nursing philosophy. Make sure the following
addressed in your written presentation:
a. What are characteristics of a nurse in your philosophy?
b. What is nursing (how do you define nursing)and how do you see nursing care being delivered?
c. What is your definition of wellness, health and illness?
d. Who constitute a client in nursing? In other words define client as it relates to your philosophy.
e. Discuss your philosophy from a global, cultural and local aspect. This should be an integrated discussion as you define and discuss item a, b, c and d.
f. How has your educational journey at college impacted on the development of this nursing philosophy?
use 6 sigma to implement JCI
6 sigma:
– What is it? (Describe brief from where does it come, who made it?)
– Potential application in healthcare + example (why we use it? /How we can use 6 sigma to implement JCI, as part of CQI)
– Rationale (benefits with example on healthcare organization resistance points) >> recommendation for negative points
o EX: even if it expensive will take the value of cost because ………..
o EX: use table for pointing then elaborate in paragraphs with example
– Similarities & differences to healthcare accreditation
– use graphs tablesetc to make it easy to understood

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