dementia paper

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dementia paper

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This week, you will start building your paper by creating an outline. Use the questions in the document below as a starting point.

The outline is simply a list of information you will include in your paper in order to answer each question. Remember, this is not yet a rough draft. Your answers should be short lists, not paragraphs.

This week you will write your rough draft and work with your tutor to refine your paper. Use the outline you have created so far and expand that information into paragraph form.

Your final paper must meet the following criteria:

  1. Ideas must be fully developed for full points.
  2. Paper must be 5-7 pages in length and submitted in formal APA format.
  3. Include a strong thesis statement supported by scholarly research.
  4. Include a concluding paragraph about the importance of nursing care in helping this client work toward mental health.