create a short track usingAudiotool.comor another digital studio.

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For this assignment, you are required to create a short track using or another digital studio. It can be in any style whatsoever… let your imagination go wild! The only requirements (and the only grading criteria) are as follows:

  • The piece must be at least 16 measures long
  • The piece must include a drum track
  • The piece must use at least two synthesizers
  • The piece must use at least one of the items in’s “tools” section (this only applies if you are using
  • The piece must use at least four effects

If you are using, submit the URL for your track using the following instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already, save your work as a draft by choosing “Save As Draft” from the File menu within Audiotool.
  2. Choose “Publish” from the File menu within Audiotool.
  3. Follow the directions to give your track a name (and description, etc., if you’d like) and publish the track.
  4. When it offers to show you the published track, click “Show Me.”
  5. Copy the URL from the resulting page and submit it for your assignment.

Otherwise, submit the document in the format of the program you used. Do not submit an audio file (MP3, WAV, AIFF)… I want to see how your piece is assembled, not just the final product!