creation of a simplewage and salary program

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This Assignment will involve the creation of a simple wage and salary program. You will complete this Assignment utilizing Excel. You will find the grading rubric for this Assignment following the case study.Case Study:This organization has over 10 different positions; due to the lack of having an HR professional who understands compensation issues, it is without any salary structure for the employees.The job titles are:OperatorMechanicElectricianSupervisorAdministrative AssistantSales ProfessionalSales ManagerHRM ManagerOperations ManagerPresidentYour task is to identify the ranking order of these jobs in the business based on least to most value to the organization.This is accomplished by the following:1.  You will need to do some research at and benchmark these positions using regional data or national data and rank the salaries of the employees. You can use an objective point system to assign points using compensable factors for the jobs as well.  Next, you will tally the points for each position and assign these jobs to specific pay grades. Now you have created an example of how a compensation professional creates pay grades for internal consistency and external competitiveness.