Critical analysis paper that explores Robotics in HealthCare. and critically examine the issue and give your feedback on the findings

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Due Date: November 17, 2017, 11:59pm

Specific instructions for the Literature Review:

  • Evaluate your Sources! Wikipedia is not an acceptable source here. You will want to look for books/chapters in books from respected publishers, scholarly articles, and so on. If you do look on Wikipedia, you should check the notes and citations for scholarly works and then find those in the library catalogue to use for your research.
  • Your sources should be from a combination of different origins, demonstrating the scope and depth of your research. Use the concision skills you developed in the précis assignment to offer summaries that demonstrate the arguments and ideas expressed in your sources.
  • Group your sources around various aspects or themes related to their chosen topic. Do not address each source separately (e.g. do not offer 1 source per paragraph), but rather group your literature review paragraphs around themes common to multiple sources, and demonstrate how different works in your bibliography respond to or address such themes (there is a worksheet available on Blackboard to help you do this). Whereas a précis is a summary of one work, a literature review is a combination of summary and synthesis, bringing multiple authors together, oriented around specific themes relevant to your topic of interest.
  • As in the précis assignment, you should not be quoting directly from the text; you need to summarize and rewrite the authors’ arguments in your own words. Nevertheless, you should cite all sources appropriately. The first person is not appropriate in a literature review.
  • A few solid, general guides to the kind of literature review we’re doing in this course, and how to collect, group, and summarize the information you find, can be found at the links below. Please note, the UTSC Writing Centre is also available to help students assemble and refine this kind of assignment; the first link below comes from their repository of advisory documents.

In addition to these resources, a worksheet for synthesis in a literature review, a literature review template, and a sample literature review are all available on Blackboard (under “Syllabus and Assignment Guidelines”). I strongly recommend you review these, and fully utilize them as you compose your literature review.

write a 15-20-page research/ Critical analysis paper that explores Robotics in HealthCare. and critically examine the issue and give your feedback on the findings. As above, a note about paper form: 1) Include a cover sheet that does not go toward the page count and includes name, the paper title, and the date. 2) Use APA style for all citations (if in-text citation is used, please explain how the quote relates to what you are saying or try to breakdown the meaning of why the quote or paraphrased is used).. also Please include the page numbers of where the quote was pulled from 3) Use reasonable fonts (~11-12 points), page margins (1 inch margins), and double line spacing. Also, there needs to be a minimum of 10 sources peer reviewed or scholarly articles. Enclosed you will find the outline to help guide you along the way !