CRYPTO Currency and Altcoins?

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CRYPTO Currency and Altcoins?
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Course TOC:

Idea for course angle: New Investment in Crypto is hottest asset class of all time, fastest growth, don’t miss out! This course will teach you about the fundamentals, the history of it, the current opportunities, and how to ride this massive wave of profit now, in a year, 5 years and beyond. you will get a 10000x return on investment in this system. Cryptocurrency is digital gold.


Lay out each chapter and the major takeaways from each chapter. Also here is a video of how bitcoin works in 5 minutes (technical):
And non technical:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

a. What is blockchain technology:
b. What is Cryptocurrency:

What is Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need To Know [Ultimate Guide]

c. Cryptocurrency Vs. Fiat Money:

d. How Does Cryptocurrency Work:
e. The Anatomy of Cryptocurrency
f. The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
Goal: give the reader an idea of the different types of players and organizations in the crypto space. Talk about ecommerce stores taking BTC as well.
g. The Government Vs. Cryptocurrency
General info:
Tax specific:
Crypto tax calculator:
h) History of Bitcoin