customer Satisfaction Strategy Regarding Sales Department

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Both parts of this assignment will be regarding the company Apple. Apple has a sales force and customer service division.

You are to develop a customer satisfaction strategy to help the Apple increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Part 1 must have APA in-text citations as well as title page and reference page all in APA style.

Part 1
Each of these bulletted points must be included as titles to the SECTIONS of the paper. ALL BULLETTED POINTS MUST BE BOLDED AND THEN ANSWER EVERY BULLETTED POINT.

Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word customer satisfaction strategy. In this strategy include the following:
Identify parts of Apple’s sales process that can result in improved or reduced customer satisfaction.
Examine the IMPORTANCE of Apple’s follow up to the sales relationship. How does this follow up Apple does help increase Apple customer satisfaction?
Explain how the unhappy customer also presents opportunities within the sales process at Apple and with all companies in general.
Determine the relationship of customer service and sales at Apple. Does the relationship seem to support the customer? Do sales and service appear to work together or is the relationship adversarial?
Recommend ways to change this relationship to improve customer satisfaction at Apple.
Discuss the ways this change to the service and sales relationship will benefit Apple as a whole.
Part 2
Create a script of no more than 350 words addressing an unhappy Apple customer. The causes of the unhappy customer should be regarding a broken Apple iPhone and slow shipping speed of the iPhone mailed to the customer.

Script should be written directed to a person named John Smith. So dialogue will be written as:
Apple Employee: Hello, how can I help you today.
John Smith: The iPhone you mailed me arrived three days late and was broken.
Apple Employee: I’m sorry to hear that, how can I help resolve this situation?
John Smith: ………

The script is a response to an unhappy customer.
The script includes an option for refunding or exchanging a product or service.
The script allows you to regain the customer’s trust.
Both of these parts are to be completed.

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