computer related crime, engineering

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Submit a one page outline with your proposed term paper title, thesis statement, and an outline of the subtopics you will cover in your paper.

Information on the Term Paper:

In Week 7, you must write a 4-6 page term paper on a computer related crime which can be solved by using computer forensics. You must detail the procedures used in discovering and investigating the evidence. Discuss the case, the investigation process, data recovery, securing the evidence and chain of custody. Remember to explain the types of software you would use to complete the case. You may use the cases noted in the book for guidance or may use one of your own. When writing the term paper you must have a minimum of 3-5 outside sources cited and referenced using APA Style formatting in the paper.

Assignment Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Completes and analyzes relevant lab/activity 75
Uses proper grammar, spelling and mechanics 12.5
Timeliness & APA Style 12.5
Total Points: 100