Poverty and Homelessness

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M3.D4 – Discussion

Poverty and Homelessness


1. Please answer all the following questions:

· What facilities are available for the homeless in your community? How do people access these resources?

· What is the demographic make-up of the homeless population in your community? Primarily male or female? Family? Ethnic group?

· What is your risk of becoming homeless? What resources would you draw on if tomorrow you woke up with no job and no housing?

· What physical illnesses or disorders are specific to homeless people in your area? What are the greatest risks?

1. Your response should be 1 PAGE. 

APA Instruction:

1-Would need an Abstract. Good reference page format, citation and APT format

2- After submission, a rating of 0-15% similarity will be considered acceptable. Over 15% will not be considered acceptable.

3-NOTE:  Wikipedia is not a source to be used in any of the generated work; using it will result in a “zero” for the assignment.