Include how to report this information (e.g., the who/what/where of reporting).

  Part 1

 Public Health Reporting Part One Grading Rubric.docx (38.015 KB)

Dr. Justin Case has requested that you prepare educational information for the clinic staff on the State of Wisconsin public health reporting requirements; specifically, the Category I urgent and immediate health reporting requirements. Dr. Case would like this information to include a list of the Category I diseases as well as how to report the diseases.


  • Create a handout or brochure with the State of Wisconsin Category I public health disease information.
  • The handout or brochure must be a least one-page, double-sided.
  • Use 11 pt. Calibri font
  • Include a list of all Category I diseases.
  • Include how to report this information (e.g., the who/what/where of reporting).
  • Be sure your information has a professional appearance and has been proofread. Keep in mind your audience, which is all clinic staff.
  • Hint: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services website is used by Johnson Clinic.

Part 2

Dr. Justin Case is interested in reviewing the state of Wisconsin COVID-19 data for the time period of March through July 2020. He would like this information presented through the use of Excel, using both numerical and chart illustrations.


  • Research the state of Wisconsin COVID-19 data for March through July 2020. (Hint: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Category I disease website is useful!).
  • Present the data in a professional format using Excel.
    • Sheet 1 – The data; you may want to drill this down to the County level.
    • Sheet 2 – The chart(s). You may select the chart(s) you believe best reflects the data in a meaningful way to Dr. Case (Johnson Medical Clinic is located in Dane County).
    • Sheets 1 and 2 – Rename appropriately.
  • Reminder: Do not copy and paste the data or copy the charts directly from the website; this is a form of plagiarism.
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