Write your paper in APA 7th edition professional paper format

The purpose of this assignment is to state a clinical/practice question and explore the literature pertaining to your clinical/practice problem. You may use the question you developed in the previous module.  additionally, you may use this in future course including your capstone.  When conducting a literature review, the goal is to obtain a representative sample of the literature which describes the concepts related to the phenomenon of interest and the research results applicable to the clinical/practice question and identify what gaps need to be further researched.

This assignment is due Wednesday, Week 6, by 11:59 PM EST.  This assignment is worth 20% of Course Grade.


  1.  Please follow the rubric below
  2. Your work for this paper can be used to build upon your capstone project and a publishable manuscript
  3. Write your paper in APA 7th edition professional paper format
  4. Paper length is no more than 8 pages excluding references and title page
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